The Future of Moving

Think Airbnb for Moving home
We have set out to change the way the world moves home. Moving home is all about moving on. Maybe it's moving on to a new job, a new University, a new romance or to chase that life you dream could also be just to move to a place that works for you.
HOOD's service experience that means you can move and organise your move when you feel like it. No phone calls, no hassles, direct to you via messenger.



Who we are

A team that loves to create
Established in Melbourne in 2018.
HOOD has been launched in the USA (San Francisco and Austin) and in Australia. We are aiming to redefine the way people across the world move home.
While we use AI to help people move we are very real and want to change the way you move.


Check out the HOOD team here.

Tommy Fraser, CEO

Jonathan Wongsodihardjo, Full-Stack

Karandeep Singh, QA Tester

Dimuthu Satharasinghe, DBA

Armin Towfigh Nia, Product Marketing

Armin Towfigh Nia, Product Marketing

Atikur MD Rahman, Technical Lead

Taige Al-Hadweh, BA