Welcome to HOOD! The future of moving, now!

We are out to solve the global problem of home moving and have built a personalized moving assistant chatbot on Messenger. Think of us like AirBnb and Uber combined for planning and booking your move - doesn’t get much better than that!

Personalized Moving Assistant.

Until now, moving to a new home required time-consuming google searches and trying to pick the best businesses to use, getting quotes, making a fair few phone calls, and sending even more emails. HOOD cuts out hours of work because we source what you need when you want to move somewhere. Not only do we shorten your effort spent on researching the best suppliers and coordinating them, we also let you review them with our HOOD Score.

We provide a trustworthy and transparent result of top rated & reviewed Movers & their quotes. This saves you the hours spent on Google trying to find the best supplier and going through the old process of getting the same results over and over that require more digging, more phone calls, and more emails in order to find the cheapest and best mover.

You never need to pick up the phone or send any emails, you can book the service that suits your needs be it budget, price, right from Messenger. HOOD is available 24/7 to be your personal moving assistant and save you time.

We Are Backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

By adapting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we have created the most efficient way of handling your moving needs. HOOD understands what is most important during your move so we’ll keep you on track by always being one step ahead! We are continuing to make this feature more and more intelligent so keep an eye out for updates! You can also access our moving reminders, share your move with friends and check out your progress in your moving profile.


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Happy Moving!